So this time I decided to make one of my favorite side dishes, cheesy potatoes!  My mom and grandma always make them for me when I go home or for different family events, so I thought it was my turn to try.  This was one of the best recipes Ive made yet, and I managed to do everything right for once!  I didn’t leave anything out and I did everything in the right order as well.  Honestly the hardest part for me was melting the butter in the microwave without it exploding and making a huge mess LOL!  Otherwise I put half the hash browns in the pan, put half of the mixing on top of them, added cheese and did that again.  So it was kind of like lasagna with the layers and then I added corn flakes on the top!  They turned out to be delicious and I can’t wait to make them again!

Cheesy Hash Brown Potatoes